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Pain Perception

Chronic pain is multi-dimensional. At the physical level, pain caused by stress and inflammation can influence our muscles, patterns of breathing, energy levels and mindset, all of which exacerbate the distress and affect the quality of life. Yoga's principles of movement, meditation and breathing are widely proven to help target the root source of our stress and diminish it.

Yoga also offers various levels of approaches to relax, energize, remodel and strengthen the psyche to improve our perception of pain, by dissociating negative emotions toward feelings of pain, making it easier to manage.

From a Yogic perspective, both suffering and the removal of suffering are the absolute, primary concern of a spiritual practitioner - our own suffering and the suffering of others.

Postures can help us to sensitize ourselves to the subtlety of sensation, to understand what is a positive sensation, and what is a harmful one. We learn to listen, tune in, and become discerning, freeing up space to pay more attention to things that are most important.

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