The YOGA365 app streams 365 short daily stretching and breathing practices lead by Eddie Stern, with a soundtrack of unreleased music by Moby.

YOGA365 is a health and wellness routine, based on modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and Eddie Stern’s personal experiences generated over decades of teaching yoga.

You are encouraged to join Eddie in these daily exercises for 365 days straight. The key of this App is not the length of the daily practice, but the overall impact.

The steady routine of physical movements, activities, and attitudes transform not just your body but also your brain functions, emotions, and the way we experience life.

The sequence launches January 1, 2021, yet you can start your routine anytime after.

The practice comes with a set of cheat days (we’re all human) and prior to January 1, 2021 we share pre-season special lectures and gift exercises.

The practice has a video and audio version, subtitles in English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.


You can download the app free of charge to watch Eddie’s free introduction to YOGA365 and some other short introductions to breathing and meditation.

You can unlock all yoga practices for a monthly payment of USD $4.99.

Payments are handled securely through Apple's In-App Purchases.

Please keep in mind that lessons will be released on a one-per-day basis throughout the year and provided you have completed the previous day's lesson. The first lesson will be launched on Jan. 1st, 2021.


With a database of students practicing along from any country and territory, as long as you have digital, mobile or WiFi connectivity you can access YOGA365 anywhere in the world.


You can purchase gifts for friends, family, and colleagues - 1 year unlimited access to YOGA365 at $44.99 with scheduled delivery dates and personalized messaging.


All the practices featured on this network were produced with a minimal carbon footprint in the corporate office as well as on set.


YOGA365 was produced and created by Martine Dubin Company, a woman-owned business certified by U.S. SBA. YOGA365 is operated by Martine Dubin with a predominantly female crew.