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About YOGA365

Drawing on modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and decades of practice and teaching, Eddie Stern's YOGA365 App is a sequence of 365 daily breathing and stretching practices. These simple practices are easy and can be completed in less than 5 minutes a day. Steady daily routines, when done repeatedly in small doses, can dramatically transform your body, brain functions, emotions and how you experience life. YOGA365 will give you the tools to live a more balanced lifestyle. Begin your journey today.

A note from Eddie Stern

It’s hard to form a new habit, and especially a habit of exercise or yoga. We might have a sudden inspiration and jump full on into a new regimen, but often our enthusiasm lasts only for a couple of weeks or a month or two.

A remedy for that is micro-practices. By sprinkling micro-practices throughout your week you’ll find that, before you know it, you have almost effortlessly built a new routine into your life.

It's a simple approach to overall well-being and you'll find that profound change can come from small doses of discipline—or, as I like to say, small tweaks lead to big changes.

So rather than over extending yourself, try YOGA365 and join me in incorporating a little practice into your life every day!

About Micro-Practices

You don’t always need to put aside a big block of time to reap the benefits of mindful practices. Short and simple lessons can often be even more effective for our bodies and minds. Each day you will be able to unlock a new practice of yoga, meditation or breathing.

POSTURES. Postures for increasing flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

DEEP BREATHING. Breathing practices geared toward improving the branches of your nervous system.

MEDITATIONS. Weekly guided meditations will help you reach a state of mindful awareness, connecting the mind, body, and soul on a deeper level.

PROGRESS. Each day you will be able to unlock a new practice once the previous practice has been completed. Track your progress and save your favorites to revisit later.

INSPIRATION. Ideas and advice for sleep, stress, inflammation and more can be found on the inspiration page, alongside positive thoughts for bringing connection and purpose to life.

Anytime & Anywhere
Anytime & Anywhere
Anytime & Anywhere

About Eddie Stern

Eddie Stern is a yoga teacher, author and lecturer from New York City. He is known for his expertise in Ashtanga Yoga, and his dedication to providing ways for people from all walks of life to access simple and effective yoga and meditation practices.

Eddie has published several books on yoga. His latest publication, One Simple Thing, A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How It Can Transform Your Lifeis a best-selling book that describe the underlying mechanisms that make yoga such an effective practice.

Eddie continuously teaches and gives lectures through virtual classes and events, such as intro classes, meditation, chanting, philosophy and more. Eddie's additional online practices are available on CORE. Please visit Eddie's website below to stay up to date with his schedule and new projects.

Visit his website at www.eddiestern.com

About Martine Dubin

Martine Dubin is a Media Entrepreneur, active in the industry for 25+ years, she founded the independent digital tv network CORE, and built out a viewer base that has tuned in from every country in the world.

Martine is also passionate about redefining media by creating honest and relevant content, and connecting viewers directly with the stories of the most exciting thought leaders in the world.

She is also the creative director and executive producer behind 50+ original shows, including the practices for this app and the app itself!

She’s been recognized by Origin Magazine as one of the Top 100 Creatives Making a Difference and described by OM Times as The Vision Behind Original Entertainment.

Visit her website at www.martinedubin.com

One Simple Thing

A pragmatic and succinct introduction to the purposes and benefits of yoga―philosophical, physiological, mental, and spiritual.

Yoga is reputed to improve our physical and mental health, and to help us become more productive at work, more caring in relationships, and more responsible contributors to society. If yoga does accomplish all that―and most practitioners will swear it’s true―how exactly does it do it? Believe it or not, there are answers. And they are based in how the human body/mind functions, how we are built and wired, and how what we do can direct and change that.

Drawing on modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and decades of practice and teaching, Eddie Stern’s One Simple Thing explains how what we do affects who we become, and reveals how a steady routine of physical movements, activities, and attitudes are able to transform not just our bodies but our brain functions and emotions, and how we experience life.