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About YOGA365

There are multiple ways to practice Yoga. You don’t always need to put aside a big block of time to reap the benefits of mindful practices. Short and simple lessons can often be more effective for our bodies and minds.

In this updated version of YOGA365, Eddie Stern expands the micro-practices with long-form learning paths focused on endurance postures, stress reduction sequences, breathing exercises, meditations, the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, Eddie’s Journal and Inspirational Quotes.

Depending on your needs and the desired intensity of practice, choose from 11 diverse learning paths designed for yogis of all levels.

Each practice is guided by Eddie Stern and has an easy video and audio version. No special equipment or special exercise clothing necessary.

About Micro-Practices

Eddie Stern and Martine Dubin started this app originally because they recognize that it is hard to form a new habit, especially a habit of exercise or yoga. There might be a sudden inspiration to jump into a new regimen, yet enthusiasm can last for a short period of time.

One remedy for that is micro-practices. By sprinkling micro-practices throughout your week you’ll find that, before you know it, you have almost effortlessly built a new routine into your life.

Micro-practices and sequences, when done repeatedly, can dramatically transform your body, mind, brain functions, emotions and how you experience life.

It is a simple approach to the overall well-being, and you will find that profound change can come from small doses of discipline. Small tweaks lead to big changes.

If you are the type of person who has trouble starting and sticking with a new exercise, yoga, or meditation regimen, YOGA365 will give you the tools to start reinforcing routines and live a balanced lifestyle.

Global Access

Any student, across every timezone and country, can access YOGA365 with mobile, digital, or WiFi connectivity from the Google Play, iOS, and tvOS YOGA365 App.

Practice Off-Line

To practice or watch offline, please create an account within the YOGA365 app to download the list of favorites and watch without Wi-fi, mobile, or digital connectivity.

Available Foreign Languages

All introductory videos, navigation and text are available in French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese languages with closed-captioning. Practice videos are available in English with closed-captioning, as well as audio version only.

Choose Your Path

The YOGA365 Sequence
Our original, year-long micro-practice program is a consecutive sequence designed to be practiced once a day. Unlock practices as you go to build full and dynamic routines.

Ashtanga Primary Series
18 full length lessons featuring the step-by-step guide to the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.

Useful Information
A range of sessions, around health, wellness, yoga, and the science and beyond.

Mind, Body & Breath
A range of endurance postures, breathing exercises and meditations for resiliency and stress reduction.

Inner Strength
Longer practices designed to build core strength, open the heart, and connect the body and breath.

52 Weeks of Pranayama
A progressive course in the Yogic science of breath, in short, five minute segments, for daily or weekly practice.

Balancing Poses
Align the body and mind, build strength, and explore your center of gravity.

Strengthening Poses
Dynamic movements and postures to tone muscles and strengthen the axial (core) muscles.

Focus attention inward and increase self-awareness with simple guided meditations.

Stress Reduction Poses
Build up resiliency and inner balance to manage stress inducers and lower cortisol.

Inspirational Videos
Positive thoughts for bringing connection and purpose to life.


5-stars graphic

This app is delicious! Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, Eddie guides you through each and every step. He has a unique way of making small movements seem profound. Each practice makes me feel like more grounded and more in tune with myself, usually within the first minute. I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years and I’m getting so much out of this app. A win-win!

5-stars graphic

I’ve had a yoga practice for years and have done mediation here and there— this app has been an amazing tool for getting into a daily, consistent practice. The videos are short and to the point and it’s so easy to use

5-stars graphic

Got this app for myself but I finished using it with my Mom who is 77 — She really loves it and loves our yoga time together. Sessions are short and sweet. We do them first thing in the morning before BF or a bit after dinner. After a good 25 days of practice, it feels like we are both addicted to this. We can’t wait for the next one to pop! Also worth mentioning is the online support— They are doing an excellent job, promptly answering all questions you might have. Five stars and highly recommended.

5-stars graphic

Eddie Stern and his team are top notch! Eddie Stern is one of the best yoga and breathing exercise teachers.

Translated from Dutch, Kathleen Decoster
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In these challenging months I lost what I thought was an established ashtanga practice. The gentle approach, the user-friendly interface, the possibility of adding to favourites and retrieving practices are slowly bringing me back to practice. Most important of all to me is the fact that it helped me realize why I practice and what yoga means to me. So grateful.

Milena spelta parenti
5-stars graphic

Being a yoga instructor myself, I find the incremental postures and breathing practices educational and often incorporate what I learn from here in my classes.

Divya Reddi
5-stars graphic

Love it! This application is wonderful, it will help you make big changes just by spending a few minutes a day moving your body and breathing consciously. It is super useful, both for those who have never practiced yoga and for advanced practitioners. It helps me reconnect with basic principles that you sometimes take for granted through years of practice and allows me to receive a daily pill of inspiration and wisdom from one of the best contemporary yoga teachers.

Translated from Spanish, Yogaiskra
5-stars graphic

Simple and amazing!

Karen Sousa
5-stars graphic

Thanks Eddie Stern! This app helps me to start practicing every day gives me breathing meditation ideas, it is simple and full of inspirations. It will be a beautiful year thank you Eddie.

Translated from Italian, Alessandra Luciani
Anytime & Anywhere
Anytime & Anywhere
Anytime & Anywhere

About Eddie Stern

Eddie Stern is a yoga teacher, author and lecturer from New York City. He is known for his expertise in Ashtanga Yoga, and his dedication to providing ways for people from all walks of life to access simple and effective yoga and meditation practices.

Eddie has published several books on yoga. His latest publication, One Simple Thing, A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How It Can Transform Your Life is a best-selling book that describe the underlying mechanisms that make yoga such an effective practice.

Eddie continuously teaches and gives lectures through virtual classes and events, such as intro classes, meditation, chanting, philosophy and more. Eddie's additional online practices are available on CORE. Please visit Eddie's website below to stay up to date with his schedule and new projects.

Visit his website at

About Martine Dubin

Martine Dubin is a Media Entrepreneur, active in the industry for 30+ years, she found CORE, the independent digital streaming network with a viewerbase that has tuned in from every country in the world.

Martine is passionate to redefine media by creating honest and relevant content, and connecting viewers directly with the stories of the most exciting thought leaders in the world.

She is the creative director and executive producer behind 500+ original shows and movies, including the practices for this app and the app itself!

She’s a member of The Explorers Club, US Press Member of the Foreign Press Association, recognized by Origin Magazine as one of the Top 100 Creatives Making a Difference and described by OM Times as The Vision Behind Original Entertainment.

Visit the company website

The Seeds Of Our Actions

These quotes and sayings have been sourced from various transcripts, and the great minds of teachers and speakers around the world, dating back thousands of years. Each thought has flowed through generations to reach us today. We encourage you to find sayings within this book that speak to you and make them your own. Share them with your community and continue to spread inspiration for a brighter, connected world.

Ebook (PDF) $6.99 USD - Available for Download

Hardcover Book 8.5” (22cm) x 8.5” (22cm) $39.99 USD + $9.99 USD shipping