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The Seeds Of Our Actions

365 Meaningful Quotes For Living Intentionally

Hardcover | 380 pages
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These quotes and sayings have been sourced from various transcripts, and the great minds of teachers and speakers around the world, dating back thousands of years. Each thought has flowed through generations to reach us today. We encourage you to find sayings within this book that speak to you and make them your own. Share them with your community and continue to spread inspiration for a brighter, connected world.

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What languages does the book come in?

The Seeds of Our Actions is only available in English.

What formats does the book come in?

The book is available as an ebook (PDF and EPUB version) and hardcover.

Is the ebook compatible with my device?

Yes! You should be able to access the EPUB and PDF versions on your iOS or Android device as well as on your tablet and desktop computer.

How much does the book cost?

The book is $6.99 USD for the ebook and $39.99 USD plus shipping for the hardcover. Sold separately. You will also receive an exclusive gift with the purchase of the ebook!

When will my Hardcover book ship?

All orders of Hardcover books will ship out within 3 to 5 business days of ordering.

How much is shipping?

Projected shipping cost is $9.99 USD.

Do you ship international?

Currently, we are only offering shipping within the United States. Please check back for changes regarding international shipping.

What are my gift ordering options?

You can send both the hardcover and ebook versions as gifts! You will also be able to include a personal note (handwritten if ordering hardcover) if you choose this option.

How can I access the ebook?

There are a couple options! You can download the EPUB file and open in Apple Books or an equivalent e-reader. You can also open the PDF on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer and read that way.