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Shifting The Energy of Your Space

Much of the world is on watch as new strains of coronavirus spread, and after the past year at home you may feel the energy in your home has become stagnant, dull, or nonexistent. We already focus on removing physical clutter from our homes, so why not clean the energy sources as well?

When you walk into a home or space with good energy, you can feel it instantly. This essence is created through an alignment of home and life. One of the first and most effective ways we can positively shift the energy of our homes is to work with our own energy. The joy, comfort, and love that we emit can vibrate throughout our home – whether it is a conscious effort or not. Watch your thoughts and make sure your self-talk is as loving as possible. Meditate and practice yoga in your space, and enjoy creative activities in your home like reading, journaling, or painting. Remember that your physical space is a manifestation of your mental space.

The essence of positive energy in the home is also often attributed to methods of vastu, or the practice of arranging your home to create balance. While there are rules of vastu, each of us have our own unique energy systems and relate to our spaces differently. We can use traditional resources for guidance, and then experiment to find what feels right and brings the most happiness. You can declutter, move the pieces around to new placements, and beautify the your space. Cleanse the air in your home to invite in more positive energies with the use of all-natural incense, opening a window and bring in plants and flowers for healing and beauty. These small tweaks will help you easily shift the energy in your space without having to take drastic measures.

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