Welcome CareRite Centers Employees!

While the coronavirus pandemic has upended life for nearly everyone, as a healthcare worker, you have had to face more stress and risks than ever. Your time and devotion towards saving lives and keeping our world healthy is heroic and does not go unnoticed. Please accept this free one year subscription to YOGA365 from all our students and team.

-Eddie Stern & Martine Dubin, Founders of YOGA365

About YOGA365

Drawing on modern neuroscience, ancient wisdom, and decades of practice and teaching, Eddie Stern's YOGA365 App is a sequence of 365 daily breathing and stretching practices. These simple practices are easy and can be completed in less than 5 minutes a day. Steady daily routines, when done repeatedly in small doses, can dramatically transform your body, brain functions, emotions and how you experience life. YOGA365 will give you the tools to live a more balanced lifestyle.

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Introduction & Sample Practices

Day 4


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Day 19

Day 19

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About Micro-Practices

You don’t always need to put aside a big block of time to reap the benefits of mindful practices. Short and simple lessons can often be even more effective for our bodies and minds. Each day you will be able to unlock a new practice of yoga, meditation or breathing.

POSTURES. Postures for increasing flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination.

DEEP BREATHING. Breathing practices geared toward improving the branches of your nervous system.

MEDITATIONS. Weekly guided meditations will help you reach a state of mindful awareness, connecting the mind, body, and soul on a deeper level.

PROGRESS. Each day you will be able to unlock a new practice once the previous practice has been completed. Track your progress and save your favorites to revisit later.

INSPIRATION. Ideas and advice for sleep, stress, inflammation and more can be found on the inspiration page, alongside positive thoughts for bringing connection and purpose to life.