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Welcome CareRite Centers Employees!

Happy Nursing Home Week 2023

Welcome, CareRite Centers and Happy Nursing Home Week 2023. To show our gratitude for your hard work, resilience and dedication to the health of our communities, Eddie Stern and the Team at YOGA365 are delighted to provide you all with a few free full-length guided practices from our YOGA365 App Stress Reduction path.

These poses and postures take only a few minutes and can be a resource and reminder to practice mindfulness on even the busiest and stressful of days. These lessons will also help you to build resiliency and inner balance for managing stress inducers and lowering cortisol.

Stress Reduction Poses

About YOGA365

Practice at your own pace by choosing from one of the 11 diverse learning paths on our iOS, tvOS and Android compatible app. YOGA365 provides an array of practices, from breathing exercises to meditations, endurance postures, stress reduction sequences, an 18-lesson Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, and more both long and short practices. Each path has specific intention in mind for yogis of any level, for you to choose your desired intensity of practice.

All practices are guided by renowned yoga instructor, Eddie Stern, and no special equipment or exercise clothing is necessary for practice. All YOGA365 sequences and paths, when done repeatedly, can dramatically transform your body, brain functions, emotions and how you experience life. If you are the type of person who has trouble starting and sticking with a new exercise, yoga, or meditation regimen, YOGA365 will give you the tools to start reinforcing routines and live a balanced lifestyle.

Your time and devotion towards saving lives and keeping our world healthy is heroic and does not go unnoticed. Please accept this free one year subscription to YOGA365.

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NEW* Ashtanga Primary Series
18-lesson step-by-step guide to the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, introduced in small sections with modifications. Includes for guided Primary Series as well as mini-instructional lessons.

NEW* Masterclasses
A library of discussions and lectures with leaders in health and wellness, yoga, science and beyond.

NEW* Mind, Body & Breath
A range of endurance postures, breathing exercises and meditations for resiliency and stress reduction.

NEW* Inner Strength
Longer practices designed to build core strength, open the heart, and connect the body and breath.

The YOGA365 Sequence
Our original, year-long micro-practice program is a consecutive sequence designed to be practiced once a day. Unlock practices as you go to build full and dynamic routines.

52 Weeks of Pranayama
A progressive course in the Yogic science of breath, in short, five-minute segments, for daily or weekly practice.

Balancing Poses
Align the body and mind, build strength, and explore your center of gravity.

Strengthening Poses
Dynamic movements and postures to tone muscles and strengthen the axial (core) muscles.

Focus attention inward and increase self-awareness with simple guided meditations.

Stress Reduction Poses
Build up resiliency and inner balance to manage stress inducers and lower cortisol.

Inspirational Videos
Positive thoughts for bringing connection and purpose to life.