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Athlete Recovery and Yoga

Athlete Recovery and Yoga

Athletes train hard and put their bodies through extensive work physically and mentally. Regardless of whether they are professional or beginners, athletes take on a journey filled with challenges that will bring about the ultimate victory for the mind and the body. Active individuals dedicate their time and effort to better themselves both inside and outside of training regimens.

The injury and recovery process for professional athletes is incredibly tedious because of the tendons, ligaments, and muscles that are constantly in use. Muscle strains, pulls and even tears are very common but can cause permanent damage if not treated properly. Injuries are more likely to happen when attention is not focused on properly maintaining the body as a whole.

Luckily, with the help from trained medical professionals such as physical therapists and yoga therapists, recovery is made possible. Yoga therapy is an excellent tool to promote blood flow, which supports muscle recovery, and can reduce the feeling of soreness throughout the body. Yoga postures also help to increase an athlete’s flexibility and joint health, aiding in injury prevention.

But the benefits of yoga for athletes do not stop at the physical; the practice is mutually beneficial for mental stability as well. Oftentimes, mental health is overlooked by athletes because they are laser focused on enhancing physical endurance and performance. The breathwork and mindfulness that accompanies yoga is an excellent resource to build resilience and mental focus on the playing field.

Yoga is an opportunity for athletes to support their recovery, while clearing the mind from distraction. Whether you’re an athlete or not, recovery, longevity and injury prevention are possible benefits of practicing yoga in small increments throughout the week with YOGA365.

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