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Creating and Forming Habits

Creating and Forming Habits

The human brain is unique to our species. It functions in a way in which it continues to fascinate the world. Along with this fascination are the four stages of creating and forming habits. Even though our time is spent constantly buzzing around, there might seem like there is no time to focus on yourself or take the time to reward yourself.

As a mother, wife, and business owner, time to yourself becomes extremely limited and it is important to take even the slightest bit of time to dedicate to yourself. All this busyness might seem overwhelming but indulging in small micro practices throughout your day, week, and even months, can transform you into something great.

It only takes few minutes a day to focus on building the temple inside that you longed for during each busy second of your schedule. According to a recent study, it takes about 59 days until a new habit becomes automatic (PsychCentral). Taking a few minutes out of our busy days will lead us to become the better versions of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

It starts with a cue or a stimulation. This information is a prediction towards a reward that our mind constantly craves both internally and externally. Finding that stimulation will lead to a consistent craving to find that cue. The crave is not the habit, yet the way in which it delivers, followed by a desire to respond.

Your response becomes the actual habit, which can take a form in a thought or an action. After this response, a reward is delivered, and an end goal is achieved. The cue is about noticing the reward. The craving is about yearning the reward and the response is about obtaining the reward. As individuals, humans chase rewards because these bring new teachings and satisfactions.

YOGA365 offers various micro practices that can be integrated into every lifestyle. New habits that take you into a transformative space. Sequences range from inner strength practices to stress reduction poses to meditation. Specifically, the YOGA365 Sequence is a year-long micro-practice program that is designed to be practiced once a day.

Once completed, a new micro practice will be available the next day to reinforce a routine.

Remember, practice is not an obligation, but a choice. Download YOGA365 for free and visit YOGA365 online for more information.

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