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Find Life Balance & Start Living Your Full Potential

Balance is bringing things into harmony. It’s not something that you can get, but something that you continually do; it's is not a destination, but a constant journey.

An imbalanced life feels like a constant game of tug of war with your wants and needs, and what is needed of you. You are constantly trying to protect the ‘me-time’ against everyone else’s priorities. You try to prevent work from interfering with time dedicated to loved ones. Your brain is bouncing around a million different to-dos, thoughts, worries and you can't stay focused. You sometimes forget to breathe. Sound familiar?

In in the midst of busy schedules, an uncertain future and the constant stimulation of distractions through our devices, how do we go about achieving life balance? Here are 5 tips to consider for maintaining a healthier lifestyle for the long-term:

  1. Integrate all aspects of your life: Stop seeing work, personal time, and social times as separate compartments. Rather than competing against each other, they should collaborate. Removing this imaginary wall will release a lot of tension. Integrate all aspects by applying learnings across them all.
  2. Lose balance to find balance: Letting go of control is key to letting things fall into place on their own. Sometimes you have to lose balance to find it. Be open to taking risks or try something new.
  3. Priorities: Knowing what matters is the first step. Finding balance requires saying 'no' and letting go of unnecessary tasks, ask for help, be open to adjusting your goals and priorities.
  4. Balanced mindset: When something is bothering you, ask yourself: why? Life's challenges will undoubtedly affect you, but training your mind can neutralize part of the noise.
  5. Practice journaling: Set some time to reflect. Track how you spend your time, identify the tensions and make the necessary adjustments. Journaling is also a great way to capture everything good that happens in life. Acknowledging all the positive things that occurred throughout your day, will allow you to feel gratitude.

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