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Foster Longevity With Flexibility In Consciousness

Foster Longevity With Flexibility in Consciousness

Longevity, or "long age," was the topic of the conference that Jocelyne and I were attending and teaching Yoga at in Ras Al Khamaih, United Arab Emirates. Most of the tricks to longevity discussed by Dr. Chopra and other experts at the conference can easily be found online. Including reducing stress, getting the right amount - and right quality - of sleep, exercise, mind and body practices such as yoga, meditation, managing healthy emotions, spending time with friends and family, finding joy in life, nutrition -the right diet for you, and flexibility in consciousness.

While these are great tools for living longer and healthier, the main teaching highlighted in Ras Al Khamaih was from a Yogic or Vedantic perspective. The perspective that there is a deeper view to attaining longevity. Giving allegiance to or from a relationship with that part of us which never ages, changes, and is ever present. The words used for this aspect of our being include consciousness, the Self, our inner being, or witness consciousness.

The connection with our consciousness, ever-present, ever-awake sense of being, is essentially the purpose of the various Yogas. Once we have linked ourselves to that timeless presence, then it doesn't matter if we live a long life or a short life, because we are awake to "living". To be awake to our lives, our inner lives of our thoughts, emotions, and behavior, is more important than all the micronutrients in the world and it's also a lot harder than taking vitamins. Hence, practice.

Try the Mind, Body & Breath Path on the YOGA365 App to foster this connection. Practice observation and sensitivity. When we simply pay attention, whatever we focus our awareness on gives us hints on what to do.

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