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Leading With Kindness

In times of division and disconnection, it is vital to bring kindness and love to the forefront. Due to the magnitude of social, political, and environmental factors that are our unfortunate reality, it can become quite easy to feel frustrated and disillusioned. We are at an urgent time to create more joy, gratitude, and cooperation as a whole. Positivity of thinking and living can start with you and create a ripple effect - each of us is responsible for leading a life filled with kindness for the betterment of own lives and in the lives of those around us. We might not be able to make the world necessarily a better place as a whole, but we can make certain portions of the world better, by being better ourselves.

Motivated by Yoga

Finding reliable resources that act as guides toward positive living and positive mindsets is the vital key to unlocking the ability to see the world through a kinder lens. Yoga is a resource that can provide the platform for treating yourself and others with more kindness and love.

Discover the subtle parts of your being that may not have been made aware of to you before with consistent yoga practice. Not only will you identify the tensions which are held in the physical body, but also the obstacles of your energetic body. That is, you will find out where and why you feel stressed, become angry, upset, or entertain negative things about yourself and others. Becoming aware of these subtle parts of yourself creates space within you to witness (without judgment) the parts that do not serve you. Within that energetic space, you can now make positive shifts in thinking and behavior that are more conducive to healthy relationships, attitudes, and actions.


Often times we are our biggest critics; we are more likely to say negative things about ourselves than about others. For example, you may have thoughts like "I'm not organized, I'm not good at my job, or I'm out of shape." Take note of these self-deprecating thoughts and make a shift. Look in the mirror each day and say something that you love about yourself. ("I have beautiful eyes.") Write positive notes to yourself and place them in visible locations as a reminder to be kind to yourself. ("I will do my best today.")

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