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The Power of Hip-Opening Postures

The Power of Hip-Opening Postures

Yoga has the power to open numerous pathways towards progress, stability and flexibility for the mind and body. Numerous individuals find themselves sitting and working on their computer for hours upon end. Muscles surrounding the pelvic area and hip joint tend to tense up and are yelling to be helped. Luckily, yoga has profound poses and sequences that can release muscle tension by stretching and strengthening those tight muscles. This includes yoga’s power to opening the hips with certain postures that will release tension and improve range of motion, circulation and even decrease back pain. Easing the pain and tension will allow for a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

Hip opening poses are foundational yogic teachings that will allow for the increase of mobility and range of motion in your day-to-day activities. Here are a couple of yogic postures that are specific to certain hip compartments.

The Hip Flexors

Pose 1: Anjaneyasana. Keep back thigh vertical and stack it over pelvic and spine to stretch quadriceps and hip flexors.

Pose 2: Anjaneyasana. Lower hips forward and down to stretch hip flexors.

Post 3: Anjaneyasana. Lean to the send and bend as this helps stretch obliques, quadratus lumborum and hip flexors.


Pose 1: Reclined Gomukhsana. Recline in this position for body to relax while deeply stretching abductors.

Pose 2: Gomukhasana. Classic seated position provides leverage that opens abductors.

Pose 3: Gomukhasana with Sidebend. Bend to one side to release tension in obliques and quadratus lumborum while maintaining the abductor stretch.

Alongside physical stability, yogic practices like these allow the mind to relax and focus on the body’s need for nourishment. YOGA365 offers sequences that encourage stress and emotional relief with a side of very effective and beneficial yoga poses and practices. Tap into YOGA365 and open up your body and mind to a world of strength and flexibility.

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