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The Seeds of Our Actions

Humans have the inherent desire for human flourishing. We enjoy exploring ways to enrich our lifestyles be it with travel, learning a new language, trying a workout class, or dining at the newest neighborhood restaurant. If, however, you have the desire to make positive strides in your life, but lack some motivation, know that experiencing a lack of drive is a normal feeling; consider it an opportunity to make change. Sowing the seeds of our actions to unlock new possibilities and your pure potential starts with mindset.

Feeling a low threshold for movement and growth can often be a result of feeling overwhelmed by your current life situation. Long work hours, feeling stuck in a rut, not getting enough sleep, financial strain, and the list goes on. In the midst of feeling consumed by all of your stressful obligations, one important thing gets ignored: you.

A lack of self-care and dedication to your own personal development creates a feeling of heaviness and fullness that restricts the flow of new ideas. Shifting priorities and mindful practices may seem like a daunting added layer of overwhelm at this stage, or you may feel you just "don't have the time," but by taking a step back to invite lightness and clarity, your seeds of inspiration can be nurtured to fruition.

Did you once have a steady morning routine and now find yourself pressing snooze? Are you struggling to focus throughout the day and catch yourself doom scrolling through social media? When one poor habit sneaks in, often so do others and then all of a sudden, you've derailed the train so much it seems almost impossible to get back on the tracks.

But there is hope and it's possible to get back in a flow of life that fosters your full potential and starting small with simple, short daily habits is the first step. However, one error many people make when they attempt to transform their actions, is heavy loading. It's discouraged to put the pressure on yourself to accomplish a long list of mindful adjustments in times like this; if you aren't able to stay consistent with a daily meditation each morning right now then you probably won't be able to journal, take a walk and make a green smoothie too before starting the workday tomorrow - and that's okay. Acceptance that you are human and setting realistic goals for yourself is essential.

To gradually settle in mindful practices, set the bar low. Make the goal on day 1 something simple like get up at the desired time that you will keep consistent, tapping into your circadian rhythm. This will set you up for tomorrow, where you can feel confident in add on journaling, a morning walk or short 5-minute yoga flow with YOGA365.

From here, you begin to sow the seeds of your future actions and motivations. With them, you create clarity and joy for life which long-lasting personal growth and can watch yourself flourish from the inside out.

If you have a hard time either getting started with or becoming regular with yoga, meditation, or mindful practices, try aiming for low-hanging fruit, attainable goals, small amounts of practice that you think you can manage everyday. Perhaps its 10 minutes of yoga, or 5 minutes of meditation. It doesn’t have to be a lot.

Try this:

  1. Choose one practice you want to add into your life.
  2. Have a good reason for doing the practice — for health reasons, emotional reasons, mental health reasons, spiritual needs — choose one, and define it for yourself.
  3. Do that practice today. If its meditation, meditate for 10 minutes right now, or before the day ends. If you can’t commit to today, do it tomorrow, but don’t delay.
  4. After you’ve done it one day, then make sure you do it the next.

This will set you up for success, so you can feel confident. We created the short sequences in YOGA365 specifically for this reason.

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