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Yoga For Blood Flow

With many of us spending our days hunched over our desks, poor circulation is a very real problem. Yet, blood is essential to our health and vitality; it circulates vital nutrients and oxygen throughout the body and removes the buildup of waste. We feel more energized, and mentally sharper when our circulation is in peak condition.

Poor circulation is a common problem these days. Some indicators of poor circulation include cold hands and feet, numbness, brittle hair and nails, dark circles under the eyes, muscle cramps and more – if you experience any of these, check in with your doctor, and make sure you are doing regular exercises, eating a clean diet, and getting enough sleep.

By squeezing, folding, holding, turning and twisting, bending, and stretching, you not only get your heart pumping; you also open up your blood vessels and boost your circulation. Please see these two studies that investigate yoga's effectiveness for poor circulation and high blood pressure.

Most Yoga poses help improve circulation - basically any pose that is included in YOGA365 will help with circulation one way or another.

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